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Advice for the “Quran burning” Pastor…

UPDATE:The morning after posting this editorial, the Associated Press reported:

“Hundreds of angry Afghans burned an American flag and chanted “Death to the Christians” on Thursday to protest plans by a small American church to torch copies of the Muslim holy book on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Our case has been made, once again, that the world media treats the burning of the American flag and Christian-hate with a totally different attitude. Muslims who hate are excused, everyone else- live with it! Amazing.

The quick and simple advice: Don’t burn the Quran.

First off- burning the Quran, or any religious scripture, is just lame. From a Christian’s standpoint, it’s not Christ-like, and it just makes this pastor look like the kid on the playground who says, “He threw mud first, so I threw mud back- so nanny, nanny, boo-boo!”.

On the other hand, what is very revealing, is how the world media is coming to a stand still over some small-town pastor holding a  Quran “bonfire”. I’m surprised Ronsonol or Zippo lighter fuel isn’t sponsoring the event. I can see it now, MSNBC’s Chris Mathews does the play by play as the pastor gets the fire ready and hot. Are they going to air this on C-SPAN too?

It’s like the thousands of Christian Bibles that have been burned in in the U.S. and abroad have never happened. I’ve got two words for you: “You Tube” (or is that one word?)

YouTube screenshot- "bible burning" search

Just do  a search on YouTube and the results speak for themselves. Search for “burning bible” on YouTube and there are literally  tons of videos of people burning Christian Bibles. Granted, most of them are wanna-be suburbanite Satanists wearing their “black metal” t-shirts as they light ‘em up in their parents backyards.

Here are some of the video titles that can be viewed on YouTube; I refuse to link to them because I don’t want to give these idiots any hits on their video count. But do your own search, there are thousands of videos. Here are a few winners:

-Bible Burning- “Me and my bestfriend burning a Christian bible…”
-Relaxation- Burning Bible with Song for Satan in Background- “Satanic relaxation. Sit back and watch the New Testament…” (you get the picture)
-Marilyn Mansen burning the Bible on stage at a concert (this is one of many he burned on stages across the globe)
-“Bible burning by Algerians in Sudan before the match with Egypt”

You get the point, burning Bibles is practically a whole genre of its own on YouTube. Hey, you might even find your local neighborhood brat burning a few Bibles.

YouTube screenshot- "Quran burning"

Now, here’s the kicker. When we did a similar search for “Quran burning”, we didn’t get pages full of people burning the Muslim holy book. No, we got video after video of politicians and fellow “YouTubers” talking about how disgraceful it is to burn the Quran. Don’t get me wrong, there was one, maybe two videos we came across of an individual or two burning the Quran to make a statement on free speech.

We see videos of mobs of Muslims burning the American flags, Bibles, and effigies of our Presidents. Burning Christian Bibles is practically a hobby for people around the world on YouTube. We even have celebrity rock stars lighting the Good Book up on stage to cheers of adoring fans. Where’s the media? Can I get a “that’s disgraceful!” from Hillary Clinton? Anybody? Apparently there is a different standard for religious scripture burnings in the year 2010.

So back to the Florida pastor who plans on burning the Quran on September 11th. If this pastor, Terry Jones, wanted to really come out on top from this whole media frenzied story, he would not burn the Quran in front of the world media. He has the opportunity to throw this whole story into a backspin by not following through with the burning, and thereby making the point that the media, politicians, and world at large treats Islam much more protectively then Christianity and Judaism.

This pastor could turn this story on it’s head and expose the world media. He could stand up in front of the media mob and say, “Look at you all! Would you be here today had I said I was going to burn the Bible?”

He has the media in the palm of his hand. At this point I believe the mainstream media would sadly be disappointed if he didn’t follow through with his plan. It’s an easy “demonize the Christians” story the left hold close to their hearts.

The choice is his.

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