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Obama: “punish our enemies…reward our friends”

Apparently, in the mind of President Obama, Americans who hold different political views then his progressive friends are his “enemies”- oh yeah, and they need to be “punished”.

The Blaze reported that while speaking on Univision this week, Barack Obama sent a message to Latino voters. Obama said the following:

“If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us…’”

This gives us a view into how Obama sees politics, and most disturbingly, sees Americans. Mao viewed those who disagreed with him as the enemy. Stalin’s political opponents? Oh yeah, they were his enemies. How about good old Fidel Castro on the wonderful island with the not-so-booming economy 90 miles south of Florida? His political opponents were his enemies as well.

Now in these cases, the “enemies” all ended up in mass graves, against a wall facing a shooting line, or if they were lucky- a prison camp. History has shown us that governments that look at its own citizens as their enemies always end up the same way.

Now that is not to say Barack Obama wants to take out his political opponents (or enemies as he puts it). But for a guy who has so many friends and colleagues who look up to Mao, Castro, and everything that is Communist and Marxist, it does make one wince a little to hear the phrase “punish our enemies” used while talking about the current election.

Listen to the audio:

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