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Home free speech Why does Jim Anderson and Dick Durbin hate FREE SPEECH?

Why does Jim Anderson and Dick Durbin hate FREE SPEECH?

Jim Anderson blocks WIlliam Kelly

Who’s Jim Anderson? Yeah, I know, I don’t know who he is either.

But one of the things we aim to do is expose those who actively assault Constitutional rights. And he’s on that list today. Hello Jim…welcome to America.

Question: Is a press conference really a “press conference” if the press isn’t free to do what it’s paid to do? In other words, if a journalist shows up at an announced press conference to report on a Senator’s words and ask questions, but is then bullied by other reporters who don’t like the fact that the journalist’s question actually holds the Senator accountable- is this nothing more then a propaganda party?

That’s exactly what happened to a journalist, William Kelly, from the Washington Times. Democratic Senator Dick Durbin was giving a press conference on the downgrade crisis. Surrounded by the usual liberal-loving media, Durbin was actually asked a question that was, dare I say, challenging.

William Kelly writes about his experience:

“But the Senator’s scripted storyline veered off-course when a conservative reporter – me – showed up to ask an embarrassing question. Namely, “Senator, you’ve blamed the tea party…but do you bear any responsibility for this downgrade crisis?”

That’s when another so-called journalist in the room, Jim Anderson (Illinois Radio Network), chimed in saying, “Will you be quiet please!”

Dick Durbon (Left), Jim Anderson, William Kelly (Right)

Ok, wow, it appears Jim Anderson isn’t just a journalist trying to get a story, or even challenge the Senator- it’s almost like he’s playing the position, blocking for the quarterback- oops, I mean, Senator.

But in case you were doubting who’s team propaganda minister Jim Anderson is on he said this to William Kelly of the Washington Times:

“You’re not allowed to ask questions during a press conference…We are going to have you thrown out by the cops”.

The guy who is acting like an actual journalist, William Kelly, must have thought he was living in an episode of the Twilight Zone or had landed in “Opposite Land” where everything is opposite of what it should be.

So in the end, a journalist who shows up at a press conference to ask challenging questions of a member of our government is told that he can’t ask questions- and is then escorted out by security. Wow.

So William Kelly’s fellow media must have stood up for him, right? Wrong. They didn’t even report this incidence. You see, if the mainstream media doesn’t report it, it didn’t happen.

But what Jim Anderson, Dick Durbin, and the rest of their cronies continue to fail to realize, is that we live in a whole new world of media where the New York Times, NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN just don’t cut it. There are millions, literally, of people who are now “the watchdogs” for the Republic. The mainstream media failed.

The truth is, had this incident happened to any of the conservative Senators, it would have been reported by the rest of the journalists in the room. But it didn’t fit into their pre-written scripts. Oops, that darn internet- always creeps up on you guys, doesn’t it?

Let’s watch:

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