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Joy Behar: ultrasound “extremely intrusive and invasive”, Unlike abortion?!

When a person’s beliefs are not built on the rock of truth, they will eventually cancel out their own beliefs, and live out a hypocritical existence for all to see. When they are challenged, they’re beliefs melt away like a mud slide when the rains come. Talk show host, Joy Behar, is a picture-perfect example of this idea.

While hanging out with her co-host, Barbara Walters, Behar brought up a bill in Virginia that would require woman to undergo sonograms prior to having an abortion. If a heartbeat is not detected by the ultrasound,  a trans-vaginal ultrasound would be used.

This is where Behar’s flimsy view of the world, and life in general, falls apart.

Liberals like Behar are always  reminding us that a baby isn’t being aborted, but rather, a clump of cells is being removed. But this one sentence strips that argument away- on two counts:

Joy Behar: “This is- would be a mandated treatment for girls who are pregnant to see the child, the infant, the fetus-”

And then Barbara Walters interrupts Behar with, “The fetus.”

News Busters reminds us, “Back on February 8, Walters deemed it “heartbreaking” to force women to see an ultrasound before having an abortion.”

It continues to amaze me how these leftists can be “heartbroken” for a woman who has to be subjected to hearing her unborn child’s heartbeat, yet feels nothing for the child who is sentenced to death. Quite honestly, it’s sick.

But Behar’s confused existence doesn’t stop with her calling a “clump-of-cells” a “child”. She is offended, and takes issue with, the fact that a woman might have to have a trans-vaginal ultrasound prior to having an abortion.

Behar continues, “…before they get the abortion and if they can’t hear a heartbeat then they will have to undergo an ultrasound vaginal sonogram which I had one of those. I had one of those because I had benign tumors on my ovaries a few years ago and it was extremely intrusive and invasive.”

These few sentences sum up the the left and their out-of-touch view of reality. Joy Behar  is is offended and bothered by trans-vaginal ultrasound, but is defending the act of entering the same vagina to shred and vacuum out the dead baby.

We’ll put in in simple terms for you liberals…

• Enter birth canal to perform ultrasound = BAD and OFFENSIVE

• Enter same birth canal w/ instruments to butcher and vacuum baby = ACCEPTABLE and DEFENSIBLE

It is ideas like this that gave birth (no pun intended) to some of the most evil men and movements in history…don’t be doomed to repeat the past, learn from it.

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